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How do I get information for the Torah portion that I will be reading?

The .info site contains a huge amount of information for Torah readers. Most of the information can be accessed through 2 main menu selections: Calendar and Torah


The "Calendar" selection on the main menu brings up a calendar in a monthly format. On every Shabbat and many chagim, there is a link to the parasha. Clicking on that link brings up information which is updated weekly. For more help on "Calendar" click here


One can also access Torah information by clicking on the "Torah" menu item. There are 2 submenus - "Parashiyyot" and "Tutorials." Clicking on "Parashiyyot" will bring up Torah reading information. You will have to know which parasha you need; there are no dates shown.

Once you have brought up the list of parashiyyot, you can click on the appropriate one. A new page will come up with numerous links. Each parasha page contains text (in a tikkun-like format), translation, the parasha divided into aliyot for the triennial cycle and associated sound files ("mp3"). For more help on "Parashiyyot" click here