Congregation Beth Shalom Info Site HELP

General HELP

What kind of information can I find here?

The .info site ( is a subsidiary of the main Congregation Beth Shalom website. This site contains a great volume of text and sound files for religious services. Most of the text files are in "pdf" format and most of the sound files are in "mp3" format. Your computer should be able to handle these file types with a variety of applications. Those applications are not available from this website.

When you click on a link at this website you will bring the file to your computer (download) and your computer will generally automatically attempt to show it to you or play the file. If you want to save the file to your hard drive or some other device attached to your computer, you should "right-click" on the link (i.e. use your right side mouse button) and choose the option "Save target as." You will then be prompted for a file name and location. You will be able to access this file without going back to the website. If you want to burn a CD, you should first save the file to your hard drive.