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Where can I find the blessings for a Bar Mitzvah?

The .info site contains a number of the most common blessings, particularly those required for the Bar/Bat Mitzvah service. You can access the Blessings by going to the "B'nei Mitzvah" selection on the main menu, and selecting "Blessings,", which appears below. Don't click on the words "B'nei Mitzvah", just the "Blessings" entry.

Once you have brought up the "Blessings" page, you will see a number of blessings in tabular format. For each blessing, you can access the text (in Hebrew and, usually, transliterated, and sometimes translated) and a sound file. The text is stored as a "pdf" file and the sound is stored as an "mp3". You should have tools on your computer to enable you to use these types of files.